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This page provides links to some interesting pages.
Links to our individual web pages can be found under 'people'. Feel free to have a look.

  • Juggling

  • Total Commander[www.ghisler.com]

    This is the most awesome file management tool available for windows.
    There is also a version for Pocket PC.
    Total Commander was written by Christian Ghisler. The downloadable is STILL only 1.4MB in size.
    It has all the features required by the modern programmer such as - file comparisons, ftp, archiving tools and lots more.
    There is a huge library of plugins available, making this a complete systems tool.
    (This is the first application installed by me and others after a windows installation to simplify the rest of the installations.
    It is free but a license may be bought.
  • VIM

    VIM is a text editor. Basically it stands for VI-improved. All Linux users should know VI well! 8)
    It is highly configurable and has a windows version. This site was coded using GVIM and because we like it so much, I gave the site a VIM look, hence the odd-looking text at the bottom of each page...
  • slashdot

    The fountain of all information.8)

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