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Practically everyone at TBS can Juggle. How this started is a mystery even to the instigator.
Everyone at TBS can juggle. But it is not a requirement for a job...we will teach you!
Riaan is the expert here. He can juggle up to 5 balls or 3 clubs,fireclubs,rings or a mix of things.
I suppose Dirk is next. He can juggle up to 4 balls or 3 clubs, fireclubs, rings or a mix of stuff like wallets, watches, eggs, leatherman tools(don't ask!).
Marius and Neil know a few tricks too but with up to 3 balls. One should note that Marius started the whole juggling craze as a good director should.
Riaan has several cool props like glow-in-the-dark lit balls, fireclubs etc...He can do upwards of 30 different tricks. My personal favourites are: Mill's mess and Robot. It is great way of amusing yourself whilst waiting in line e.g banks, post-office etc.
We'll be happy to lead anyone up the path of the entertainer, just don't ask us to mime :-)

Doubtless the pleasure is as great Of being cheated, as to cheat. As lookers-on feel most delight, That least perceive a juggler's sleight, And still the less they understand, The more th' admire his slight of hand.
Samuel Butler (1612-1690)

According to the Random House Dictionary, to juggle is "to keep several objects, such as balls, in motion in the air simultaneously by tossing and catching." It also means, says the same source, "to manipulate in order to deceive, as by trickery." Other dictionaries and encyclopedias say much the same thing: "The dexterous manipulation of objects," as well as "the action of a person who tries to do something dishonest, especially with money." Dexterity and dishonesty, virtuosity and vice - our culture has always both admired and distrusted this most ancient act.

In all true jugglers there is a bit of the child, a bit of the con-man, a bit of the demonic conjurer. Juggling can be pure fun, a solo game with no winners or losers. It can win prestige or money by dazzling others with skill. It can seize the soul with an unquenchable desire to master the seemingly impossible. Taken to heart, the act of juggling raises basic issues of human existence: where is the true balance point between casual enjoyment and serious mastery? Between "Look at me!" and "Watch this :..."? Between sincere commitment and foolish obsession?

Though juggling by itself carries no inherent morality, the thoughtful person who practices this ancient rite often comes to draw analogies where none were seen before. Perhaps any activity, pursued with dedication, discipline, and passion will lead to such analogies between the beloved activity and (what we imagine to be) the True Principles of All Reality. Jugglers can find their own special metaphors for their own brand of metaphysics:
Objects fly through the air, stars wheel through the universe. All fall eventually. If we become obsessed with definitively mastering the decline, we are lost. If we achieve peace within the intervals of rising and falling, we find grace.
From 'On the Symbolism of Juggling' by Arthur Chandler


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