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Tangible Business Software

(Nr: 96/16727/07)
Tel: +27 83 274 7855
Fax: +27 83 287 4452
e-mail: marius@tbs.co.za

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 35229
Menlo Park
South Africa

Managing Director: ME van Wyk

The Company

Tangible Business Software (TBS) is a small company that specialises in designing software. Our programmers work in different fields and languages such as C++, Python, Delphi, Java etc. We are fans of Linux and use it whenever possible.

Each of our programmers specialise in fields such as security systems, web applications etc. For specific information go to the people or knowledge links

For the moment we mostly do contract work and if you'd like to contact us in such a regard please email us.

We are currently exploring the depths of Python and are involved in products for this language.Have a look at the Boa-Constructor link.


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