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Boa Contructor has been chosen as project of the month (August 2003) on Sourceforge[www.sourceforge.net].
Boa is also featured in August 2003's distribution of 'Linux' magazine.

Boa-constructor has been a requested package for several Linux distributions and has become extremely popular. It is part of the Gentoo[www.gentoo.org] and Debian[www.debian.org] linux core distributions. Read more in the Boa-Constructor link

This current site works great on Lynx (A text-based browser usually found on Linux...)
Also this company is a follower of open source code and I am against anything that forces one to use tools not necessarily wanted like "Shockwave", "Macromedia Flash" and "Realplayer" etc.(Even if they are free.)

TBS has become a more efficient company by forgoing official office space and keeping constant communication via technologies such as The Internet 8-) and cellular communications. Meaning we have instant access to all members as well as queries from any party.


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