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TBS Knowledge

We specialise in these main areas. Obviously some overlapping occurs between languages. Also the everchanging nature of the realm of Computer Science is hard to document. Suffice to say we do keep track of new developments in the industry.
More information to be added later.

  • Unix/Linux [www.linux.com]
    Marius (director) is our formost expert on this REAL operating system and has several years experience with it.
    He has created several products both personally and contract related for it.

  • Python [www.python.org]
    Riaan and Dirk are using this language extensively. It is a fairly new high-level scripting language with pretty awesome capabilities and flexibility. Riaan is the expert and is involved in developing applications such as Boa-Constructor exclusively for this language.
    Marius has recently been using Python in communications systems and is now experienced in this language as well.
    Dirk is currently thoroughly enjoying researching the language by writing games with it. 8-)
    With Python also comes a product called Zope which is an object oriented web server application closely tied with Python.

  • Zope [www.zope.org]
    Dirk and Riaan use this product.
    Zope is a leading open source application server, specializing in content management, portals, and custom applications. Zope enables teams to collaborate in the creation and management of dynamic web-based business applications such as intranets and portals.
    Zope is written in and closely associated with the Python language.
    Dirk is actively involved in creating applications and solutions using Zope and more specifically its content management framework having recently completed an extensive e-commerce facility.

  • C++
    Neil and Marius are the experts here. This is Marius' preferred language and he has been using it for many years coding all manner of applications in it.
    Current work includes surveilance related applications using multimedia and networking.
    Neil uses C++ in systems integration for various applications and has been working internationally.

  • Delphi
    Riaan is an expert here as well and has been using it for several years mostly on MS Windows. For him it is second only to python as a programming language. 8-)
    Marius has had extensive experience in programming in Delphi.

  • Java
    Dirk is the expert here. He has been taught programming mainly with this language and has used it often. It is a good language for web applications, networking and integration with legacy systems.

  • TCP/IP
    One more field where Marius and Neil are experts. All manner of networking is involved here.

  • Web Page Design
    Dirk has a diploma in Graphic Design and is thus the expert on designing web pages.
    Although TBS is not particularly involved with doing this we could still create one for you.
If you are interested the projects link has a section where an example program is shown in different languages.

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