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Complete Internet

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Complete Internet

Internet access
Many small and medium sized companies realise the value of allowing their staff access to the vast library of knowledge available on the internet. The advent of email as an important communications medium has further emphasised this need.

Costs and risks
However, their are two major problems: Firstly the cost of a fixed connection together with the necessary hardware and software, and secondly the security risk of exposing a company network to the internet.

The CompleteInternet solution
TBS have developed a solution which allows any number of users to access the internet simultaneously through a single dial-up connection, via a dedicated UNIX server. The system also has the ability to run an intranet within the company, with an industry-standard World Wide Web and Email server installed as standard.

The CompleteInternet solution includes total firewall protection against outside attacks on the corporate network. Since only the UNIX server has actual access to the internet, all internal computers are completely safe from outside attempts to access their data.

Complete Internet software (Unix server + 10 Win95/98/2000/ME/NT clients) R2500

(Unix setup, Web server, firewall, email server) R3500

Maintenance thereafter
Unix server (Pentium) R4000

Screen shot (Win95/98/2000/ME/NT client)


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